Harley Davidson Sportster S

VOIGT MOTO TECHNIK offers you the possibility to optimise the seating position with handlebar risers for your Harley Davidson SPORTSTER S from 2021. The sitting position of the Sportster S 1250 is comparatively stretched - which is not to everyone's liking and is also not ergonomically optimal. The seating position can be relaxed by raising the handlebars. The biggest difference is felt with offset handlebar risers (also called pullback risers). This brings the handlebars a little higher and closer to the body.

Handlebar conversion: If a different handlebar is to be fitted to the Sportster S, it is difficult to find suitable handlebars. The special feature is that classic 1" handlebars have a continuous diameter of 25.4mm - also in the grip area. On the Sportster S we have a diameter of 25.4mm in the handlebar clamping area, while the diameter in the grip area is 22.2mm. We have special components in our range for these conversions. These make it possible to use handlebars with a diameter of 28.6mm in the clamping area (these always have 22.2mm in the grip area). There is a large selection in the accessories trade (whether Ape, classic or straight).

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