Risers with offset

Handlebar risers with offset will raise your handlebar and will bring it closer to the body (also called kickback risers). The result is an even more popular system than "normal" handlebar risers and will give you a more comfortable riding position.
pullback risers

We offer different versions:

risers with offset for BMW R1200R  universal pullback risers  pullback risers for KTM

  • Specially made for some bikes. Handlebar risers with offset. The original upper clamps are still used.
  • Universal handlebar risers with offset. The lower and upper clamps are new.
  • Specially made for some bikes. Handlebar riser clamps. All new from top yoke.
All VMT handlebar risers are TÜV approved and most are coming with ABE (KBA certificate). The design of the parts is made under considering the original accessories - the mounting is easy and mostly made without any changes at your bike.

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