Handlebar risers

Handlebar riser in 15-50mm height:

Handlebar risers will raise your handlebar. The result is a higher and more comfortable riding position. We do have different versions:

VMT Lenkererhöhung 20mm Voigt Lenkererhöhung 30mm universal

  • Distance blocks or bushings below the handlebar clamps.
  • Handlebar risers below the handlebar with original upper clamps.
  • Handlebar risers with new lower and upper clamp.
  • Handlebar risers, which build up from the triple clamp onwards.

All VMT handlebar risers are TÜV approved and most are coming with ABE (KBA certificate). The design of the parts is made under considering the original accessories - the mounting is easy and mostly made without any changes at your bike.

Risers for BMW G 310  Risers for Honda Africa Twin  Universal risers for 26,8mm handlebars

Handlebar risers in 15, 20, 22, 25, 30, 35 and 50mm height are particularly popular and are usually quick and easy to install and also easy to remove again at any time. There are vehicle-specific steering wheel risers and universal components that fit many vehicles. They are mounted under the handlebar or replace the upper part (clamp). Due to the fact that the handlebar clamps are often mounted at an angle to the driver, the handlebars are not only higher, but usually also a little closer to the body. The result of a few millimetres higher handlebar is convincing! Test yourself.

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