Brake hose extension

There are many reasons to extend hydraulic lines. Usually brake lines or clutch lines are too short due to modifications. Many handlebar risers can be used without extension - but if there is too little "play", adapters help to extend the hoses. These are usually easy to assemble and without bleeding. With superbike conversions or with the conversion of handlebars this may not be enough - a new hose is then required here. You can easily configure this steel braided line according to your wishes. We have a wide range of brake technology and extension options. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Advantages and details:

Custom made steel braided hoses:
Made-to-measure brake lines (custom-made) can be conveniently put together in our shop in the configurator and represent a professional, clean and permanent solution! The custom made hoses will be delivered with part certificate. When installing flexible steel braided hoses, the brake system or the clutch must be bleeded.

Brake line extension adaptors:
Installation is simple and usually possible without bleeding (for installation on the master cylinder - for further details, see installation instructions). The adapters extend the hydraulic lines by 3-4 cm (depending on the version) and represent the simplest variant for the extension of hydraulic lines. The adapters for the extension of brake hoses and clutch hoses are legally considered as "screw connections" and do not need to be approved by a technical service, for example TÜV (applies to DE & AT, other regulations may apply in other countries).


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